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Why do synthesis?

Synthesis of natural products and other interesting, complex structures is a compelling platform with which to demonstrate the utility and versatility of synthetic methodologies. With novel disconnections, synthesis can be streamlined so that pharmaceutically relevant compounds can be accessed with unprecedented ease and even make medical development feasible in the first place. In this vein, we have frequently explored application of the synthetic strategies originating from our group in complex molecule synthesis.

nominine, FR901483, TAN1251C, staurosporinone

A Recent Example: Total Synthesis of (−)‐FR901483 and (+)‐TAN1251C 


(–)-FR901483, isolated from cultured Cladobotryum, shows potent immunosuppressant activity exceeding that of cyclosporine by 100-fold. (+)-TAN1251C is a natural product that is a potent muscarinic antagonist with potential application toward antispasmodic and antiulcer agents. However, their complex C(sp3)-rich scaffolds have constituted a formidable synthetic challenge. Using our olefin-hydroaminoalkylation platform (published in 2018), our group has developed an exceedingly streamlined synthesis of these two drug candidates.

For more information on these syntheses, read the paper >

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